25 July 2007

2KM to Go - Three Still Together

Cadel Evans is only about 10 seconds back while the three leaders continue to hammer up the hill.

Now there's 1.7KM to got and there are people everywhere.

The three riders are still hammering to the top of the mountain.

Official gaps right now are 14 seconds for Evans and 00:01:07 for the guy in the Polka Dot Jersey. I'll have to look up his name. He's Mauricio Soler.

What a dirty dog.

Rasmussen jumped with 1KM to go and is hammering to the finish ahead of Leipheimer and Contador by 70 yards already.

He let those two work hard up the entire hill and now is slamming them with time and mental anguish.

I'm annoyed. Levi and Contador are responding, but only 500meters remain to the end.

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