07 July 2007

Versus Television Newsflashes/Dispatches

I promised to put this link up. It's the address of the Versus Television dispatches. Wonderful for keeping up with the results - up to the second - while at work.

Stuart O'Grady CRASH

I should warn you here, that when I'm in France (headed over there soon), I'll be trying to moblog to this site. That means that you might see SPOILERS here before you've had the chance to get home to your TIVO and watch the current-day's stage.

That said, I'll keep results talk to a minimum but I will likely make a big deal about in-stage events.

AND, regarding the subject line, Stuart O'Grady crashed before the halfway point of today's prologue time trial. He had to swap to another bike after slapping his right foot and pedal into the foam barrier.

He was tossed down quickly and ended his time trial with a time of 10:05 or 10:06.

Time Trial Underway

The Prologue is underway and my choice/prediction for the overall Tour de France winner will departe at 12:58 EST US. Levi!!

Commentators on Versus TV are the same cast of pros we've seen every year.

Weather is perfect, just a touch of wind.

Best time so far is 9:26.

**If you're checking out the Google map of the Tour, visit the comments on that post. There's been an update.

A comment I posted

Here's a comment I just posted at a site asking all readers what can be done about the doping issue in the Tour de France and in cycling in general. Here's the link to the article.

This year I'm blogging about the tour at http://www.tdf07.com and I feel my greatest challenge will be learning new names and faces while the riders whirl past me.

Having watched the tour in 1998 in Ireland and in 2005 in Meribel and Courchevel, I have grown to love this sport.

But the only thing I see as a fix for the doping issue is a complete collapse and rebuild. Unfortunately, that will likely cause the sport to lose its American fan base (as many people over here are fickle and selfish) and that could affect the profitability of the sport.

All of which might send the sport and the Tour de France into a spiral again where people feel the need to dope to create magnificent performances.

C'est la vie.

It's Now Race Day

It's now past 12AM in London and the race is mere hours away. Actually, it's just a short time trial, and it doesn't go off until 3PM local time (10AM on the East Coast of the United States), but it's the day!

Updates to come. I'll also put a link here to OLN/Versus dispatches so you can see how racers are doing.