08 July 2007

Back at the office -Tour de France

Well, I hope you enjoyed all those random bike pictures. I was unable to get a spot to watch the tour and blog about it, so I was going about the city taking photos of bikes in various stages of use.

Now I'm back at the office and here are some bits of info about the Tour de France and about today's stage one events - courtesy of Versus.com and other outlets.

(Info that appeared on the Versus Newsflashes today) -----------

One of the five British riders in the peloton is also the youngest in the 94th edition of the Tour de France. Geraint Thomas of the Barloworld team was born on 25 May 1986.

The average age of competitors in the 2007 Tour de France is 28.5 years.

The tallest rider is Marcel Sieberg (MRM) – 198cm.

The shortest rider is Alexandre Botcharov (C.A) – 164cm.

The average height is 179cm.

The heaviest riders are Robert Forster (GST) and Gert Steegmans (QSI) – 87kg

The lightest rider is Amets Txurruka (EUS) – 56kg.

The average weight is 70kg.


News outlets are also still harping about doping and how tarnished the Tour de France has become. I only hope that none of the riders are caught this year. It might make it tremendously easy to get rooms all over France to follow TDF08, but I would hate the spectacle of it all.

**By the way, I plan to do the full Tour de France excursion in 2008 and will be blogging it from TDF08.com. That is unless someone purchases that domain name from me.

More info shortly.

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