28 July 2007

By now you should know...SPOILER

In case you're Tivo-ing the Time Trial be warned, this post tells you what occurs in Stage 19.

I'll wait while you click away...in fact, here's a photo or two to look at while you wait.

OK, here's the news. Contador is STILL in the lead by 23 seconds. And if tradition is any indicator, that's how the 2007 version of the Tour de France will end.

Alberto Contador in first.
Cadel Evans in second.
Levi Leipheimer in third.

There's your podium...I'll post a wrap up post tomorrow or when I get back in the United States. Until then, feel free to read my other blog for Paris info and photos. I'll be at the final stage tomorrow in Paris and will be taking probably 100+ shots.

Thanks for reading! Check out tdf08.com for the 2008 Tour de France!

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