19 July 2007

Cycling Jerseys

A reader wrote to me directly and asked about jerseys. She wanted to know how they had the 'right' jersey on hand each day when sometimes the stage winner is totally unexpected. My answer to her...

The organization - Le Tour - has a team of people who make up jerseys for each team of EVERY jersey. They bring them with them for the entire race to each finish and then they have a jersey ready for the podium no matter what the finish.

The excess jerseys are guarded 24-hours by armed guards and are transported in armored vehicle (if I recall this part correctly).

I saw a special on the jerseys a few years back and I was thrilled to find out because I had wondered the same thing.

**The jersey the people put on at the podium is NOT the same jersey they wear in the race. That one is purely for photo ops. It zips up in the back and is worn like a smock. The jersey they wear in the race is their choice of long or short sleeved and is a normal cycling jersey.

Coming up a recap - briefly - of stage 10 and some other Tour rambling.

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