06 July 2007

Map of the route

Go to this site NOW. DO IT. There is a google-maps file that shows you every street and view of this year's Tour de France. Oh, my! It's great.

More coming soon. The 2007 Tour de France starts TOMORROW!!


Sophia said...

If you have some free time I would love a heads up on which riders to look for in the tour this year. It sounds like most of the familiar names I know from years past aren't racing--who are the up and comers I should know about? a couple of names I could throw out at social gatherings to sound like I know a bit about the Tour would be very helpful. Thanks. Sophie

m_k said...

This file (BTW it is for Google Earth - not Maps) has some errors - look at stage #11 and compare it to the map on the official TdF site...

There is another add-on for NASA World Wind (similar to Google Earth) that shows the correct route and profiles of all stages:
Add-on:Tour de France