27 July 2007

Tomorrow's Time Trial - NOT A SPOILER

This is being written at 10:28PM Paris time, so it can't tell you who will win tomorrow's 55KM time trial or who will win the 2007 Tour de France.

What it will tell you is who I THINK will take this race because of the conditions forecast and because of the circumstances.

Remember way back in THIS POST, how I said that Levi Leipheimer was likely going to be the 2007 winner of the Tour de France? I still feel that way.

Here's how it will shake out...

Levi goes third to last and puts more than a minute into Cadel Evans effectively taking second place.

Then Contador - in the slippery conditions - plays it too safe and loses a chunk of time in the stage so that Levi ends up wearing the Yellow Jersey to start the final stage in Paris.

Discovery Team said at the beginning of the Tour de France that Levi was their leader. They supported him from the get-go and it's only been Contador's valiant riding and happenstance that has put Contador in yellow.

So, the team management will have to make a decision and they will go with Levi in Yellow and Contador in white, finishing 1-2 on the podium on Sunday.

I'll see you tomorrow night after the time trial is complete.

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Linden's Blog said...

Is it raining over there? I hope not as it would be pretty cool to see Contador win the jersey given how he has been riding. I think Evans may be tired and might loose some time tomorrow. So it might be a 1-2 for Discovery but I think it will still be Contador and Levi but in that order.