15 July 2007

Versus VERSUS Eurosport

If it kills me, I'm gonna scrap Versus television and set myself up with Eurosport. I cannot explain the full level of my frustration with Versus programming plan. I'm currently Tivo-ing through the morning broadcast and it looks again - FOR THE FOURTH TIME - that the broadcast is going to end without showing viewers the end of the stage.

Who's the idiot who purchased air time for the Tour? With 12.4KM to go, there are only 18 minutes left in the program. Why couldn't they be smart and do what the major networks do for NFL Football and other sports...add a half hour at the end so you NEVER miss the finish in the live broadcast.

IDIOTS. Now I'm gonna have to read the newsflashes and other news sites to see how Stage 8 ends.

I'll be back shortly with more about this stage.


**Phil Ligget just mentioned that he'd "love to show you pictures of Rasmussen" but he can't because Versus hasn't sent enough staff to the Tour de France.

OK. This is a full-on rant. The thing that really burns me is that I spoke with Versus in December and January about heading over to France and helping them out with staffing and whatever they needed. BAH!

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senioritis said...

Today's stage was beyond appalling. In the last 20 KM (longer, I think) the announcers simply could not say who was where. They did not know. It didn't occur to me till I read your post that it's because Versus has understaffed the event. We were getting random shots of random riders, with no overall sense of what was happening in the race. And Phil and Paul were obviously at a loss as to how to deal with the situation.